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Man's Australian Opal 'Pinky' Ring - 14k Gold!

Australian Matrix Opal 1.73 Carats...nice colors. Weights 8.5 grams. Sell for $750!

Man's 'Pinky' 14k Gold Matrix Opal Ring

Opal Australian Carved Seal!
Australian Opal Carved Seal 21mm. Sell for $250!

Opal Seal Scan

Opal Australian Carved Animals - Three available!

Australian Opal Carved Animals...small average 15mm. Sell for $30 each!

Opal Animals Scan

Opals Australian!

Australian Opals!

1. Top...5.07 Carat Boulder! Sell for $110!
2. Middle Row left...3.19 Carat Black Jelly! Sell for $550!
3. Middle Row middle...5.74 Carat Boulder! Sell for $100!
4. Middle Row right...1.77 Carat Black Jelly! Sell for $150!
5. Bottom...6.59 Caral Boulder! Sell for $165!

Opals Scan

Opals Australian!

Australian Opals!

1. Left...3.89 Carat! Sell for $155!
2. Right...2.37 Carat! Sell for $100!

Opals Scan

Pendant Opals Australian!

Australian Opals...all with 14k GOLD backs & loops. They average 28mm with loops!

1. Top Left...Dolphin! Sell for $150!
2. Top Middle...Ladies Cameo! Sell for $125!
3. Top Right...Ladies Cameo! Sell for $125!
4. Bottom Left...Fish! Sell for $150!
5. Bottom Right...Swan! Sell for $145!

Opals Pendants Scan

Items Without Scans!

Sold!!! Coin holder Pendant - 10k...4.6 grams with nice bezel for 12.3 mm coin. $125!

Sold!!! Coin holder Pendant - 14k...3.8 grams starburst rays for 12.3 mm coin. $150!

Ladies Earrings - 14k...5.9 grams Flower basket design in gemstones. $350!

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